This is Not the official website of the Embassy of Kuwait Howerver; This site helps to expedite the legalization and certification of documents from the Embassy of Kuwait in Washington DC

Commercial Documents

US Legalization will certify (C/O) AND (C/I) from Chamber of Commerce and legalize the documents from the Embassy of Kuwait in Washington DC. Certification of one set (commercial invoice + certificate of origin)

Turn around time is : 5 business days

Our Service Fee
Chamber of Commerce Fee
$25 for each document
Embassy of Kuwait fee to certify certificate of origin
Embassy of Kuawit fee to certify commercial invoice
Total Fee


If you would like to certify an extra packing list with the (C/I and C/O) this extra packing list will cost $125.00
This amount covers the following fees:

Our Service Fee
Chamber of Commerce fee
Kuwait embassy fee



US Legalization prefers to receive payment in the form of a company check or money order.
If the a company check cannot be issued in a timely manner, Visa visa, Master card master card and American Express american express credit card payments are acceptable.

Upon request for billing, pharmaceuticals companies that are registered with the FDA and patent and trade mark offices will receive their invoice with the certified documents.

You may use FedEx, DHL, ups or regular mail. Please include a completed prepaid return airway bill. Priority USPS usps is not recommended (it will delay your service by 2 days).


Send your document(s) to:

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Tel: (410) 349 - 4900

If you need further assistance, e-mail your request to:


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